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Product Compatibility Description (2017.10.09 update)

A computer tablet class I tested a total of 37 models

Apple 5 models: macbook2015, macbook2016, macbook2017

Mac book pro, IMAC PRO2017

Huawei 2: mate book, mate book x

HP 1 paragraph: Pavilion x2

Millet 1 paragraph: Millet AIR

DELL 2 models: XPS13, XPS15

Lenovo 4 models: YOGA5 PRO, YOGA900, XIAOXIN AIR 12, Lenovo X270, small new AIR12LTE /


Asus 1: U306

Google2 models: Chromebook Pixels; Pixelbook Pen

Samsung 9 models: NoteBook series (NT900X5N-L58L; NT900X5N-L37L; NT900X3N-K58; NT900X3N-



Galaxy Book Series (SM-W727NZKAKOO; SM-W627NZKFKOO;)

Galaxy Tab S3 Series (SM-T825NZKAKOO; SM-T820NZSAKOO;)

LG 9 models: Gram series (13Z970-G.AR30K; 14Z970-L.AR10K; 14Z970-L.AR1EK; 15Z970-G.AR31K;


G.AA50K; 15Z970-G.AA7HK; 14Z970-G.AR30K; 15Z970-G.AA50K; 15Z970-G.AA5BK;)

B mobile phone class I tested a total of 12 models

Samsung 3 models: Galaxy S8; S8 +; NOTE8

Huawei 1 paragraph: Mate10 / Pro

LG 2 models: LG G5; LG V300L

Package include:

1x 2M 6.5ft Type-C to UHD Cable

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